His simple dishes surprise with the purity of taste and daring combinations

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Who is Jure Tomič

Chef Jure's cooking philosophy derives from the respect of tradition while reinventing dishes through an innovative approach to cooking and the use of fresh, local ingredients.
His simple dishes surprise with the purity of taste and daring combinations. Only three to four ingredients usually reign the plate in Jure's restaurant, however, always of supreme quality and mostly locally grown.

Chef Jure is equally creative and traditional while flirting with global trends; he is also respecting the local climate, customs and traditions as well. He lifted cooking on an open fire to the highest level, offering a culinary experience like no other.

Membership in the JRE 

One of Jure's biggest professional achievements has been the membership in the JRE - Jeunes Restavurateurs d'Europe, an association of young restaurateurs and chefs who want to share their talent and passion for food with like-minded people. In addition to the membership in the prestigious association, he was also the president of the Slovenian part of JRE association. Chef Jure was crowned world champion at the fifth edition of Barilla Pasta World Championship in 2016, beating 16 chefs from all over the world and impressing the jury with the recipe "Whole Grain Fusilli with Zucchini, Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Seed Oil Powder".

He also participated in the project of »The Priceless Milan« pop-up restaurant, an unforgettable dining experience in the spectacular rooftop terrace atop of the historic Palazzo Beltrami. This one-of-a kind experience was created in celebration of Expo Milano 2015. Iconic Italian and international chefs and 35 members of the prestigious association Jeunes Restauranteurs d’Europe were collaborating to deliver an exquisite menu comprised of traditional Italian and global cuisine.

Highest rating by Nedelo restaurant critics

Due to the continuous search for new tastes, deep passion for cuisine, strong sense of tradition and constant upgrading its culinary experiences, Ošterija Debeluh has received, for the second time already, the highest rating by Nedelo restaurant critics, which means: an unforgettable experience, the best in Slovenia.
Each year chef Jure attends several gastronomic festivals, cuisine congresses and competitions, to find new challenges in preparing unique dishes and creating unforgettable guest experiences in the local family restaurant.
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