Jeunes restaurants

One of the best wine cards in Slovenia

Chef Jure is an exquisite sommelier and wine consultant, in 2010, he became a sommelier champion of Slovenia and furthermore he represented his country at the European Championship in Strasbourg.

Ošterija Debeluh owns one of the best wine lists in Slovenia, offering 350 labels. All three wine regions of Slovenia are equally represented in the wine list, offering all of the most acclaimed Slovenian winemakers:
  • Dular, Simčič, Movia, Radikon, Posestvo Burja, Keltis...
same diversity is also shown in the international offer of prestigious wines from 11 countries, with 30 champagnes and 15 Bordeaux wines.

The perfect combination between the dish and the wine

As a sommelier, chef Jure always pairs and suggests wines that will best complement his unique dishes. The selected wine will satisfy even the most demanding wine connoisseur, thus transforming a meal into a unique gourmet experience.
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