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Taste the chef Jure's philosophy

Ošterija Debeluh is known for some gourmet surpluses and chef Jure's signature dishes, which have become a part of the must-try menu. The restaurant serves a seasonal tasting menu that focuses on local ingredients, and a seasonal a la carte offer. The seasonal tasting menu consists of four, six or eight courses. Chef Jure's cuisine focuses on the fresh, locally sourced ingredients, with an emphasis on simplicity, purity, and seasonal flavours.

Ošterija Debeluh is located at the unique confluence of two rivers, on the border between two countries and at the junction of two provinces, where the tradition and creativity blend. Therefore, it is not unusual that chef Jure mostly uses ingredients from the local area and that his dishes show a loving devotion to the search of purity of flavour that inspires so many guests.

Some of the dishes:

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